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Our client

Zonia & Delia is a very popular local hairdressing and beauty salon based in Brighton specialized in haircuts, treatment, manicure and pedicure, waxing, eye lashing and much more. Their business has been open for a long time but they felt they were falling behind their competitors due to the lack of online presence and exposure.

They requested us to develop a brand new website where they could post pictures of their gorgeous work and sharing up-to-date information about the salon, such as a price table with the services they offer, their opening hours and contact information. In addition, they also required a business email to have a more professional look while responding to customers and a redesign of their printed resources to show the new website and contact information.

Provided Services

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Web Design

Our website design team started developing a website always keeping in mind the requirements that our client had as well as providing our special touch to make a stunning website. We focused on displaying high-quality pictures of their work with a light-blue colour palette to give a lively look-and-feel to highlight the amazing results of their beauty and hairdressing services.

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Our client decided to use the all-in-one package that we offer, which includes a hosting and maintenance service. In addition to hosting the website on our managed servers, we offer constant maintenance to keep the website up and running at all times. On top of that we also provide assistance services, in case our client requires adding new things or changing any parts of the website when needed.

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One of the main requirement our client needed was to stand out from the competitors around them, that is why they contracted our Search Engine Optimization services, so we could boost the brand new website ranking over the search engines, like Google, and make it appear on the top results when someone looks for a hairdressing and beauty salon near the area.

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Business Email

Our client requested a business email to be set up and hosted by us to complement their online presence over the internet and give a more professional look when receiving enquiries or providing customer service to their clients. Our email system uses cutting edge technology to protect our usres against malicious content as well as constant back-ups to keep the data safe and secure.

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Print Design

Our client required to update their printed resources with new prices and products as well as showing the new website and contact information, so they requested us to redesign their price list table to portray all the products and services in a clean and organized way, as well as displaying the new website address and contact information.

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Technical Support

Our technical support department is available at any moment to support them to sort any issues that they may find while using our services. In addition, we offer assistance with any request they may need for modifying or adding changes to the website, things like adding new services or products or uploading recent pictures of their work.

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The end result

After some work sessions in collaboration with Zonia's team, we developed a clean and modern website that exhibits the style and ideals of the hairdressing and beauty salon in a perfect way. The website uses a combination of light and blue colors to highlight the stunning results of their work, complementing it with an image gallery composed of high-quality pictures.

We are very proud of the new website design and the booking application and we hope it helps Zonia & Delia's salon for the years to come!

"The new website has exceeded our expectations and we are very happy that it was delivered on time, with no disruption and within the specified budget. The website has allowed us to advertise our salon over the internet as well as increasing our popularity significantly. We are very happy with the results."

Zonia Hernandez
Zonia & Delia

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